The JAX Jeans story....

As a personal stylist, I spent many years sourcing just the right clothes to suit my clients’ body shapes and colouring.   JAX Jeans all started when one of the main things I was constantly being asked was where to find the perfect fitting jeans?  You know, the magic ones that make your butt look pert and your legs look longer and slimmer no matter what your size or shape....are they out there...?

JAX Jeans is a fun, happy and helpful place for people to explore what suits them - be it in our shop in Barrs Yard, Hungerford or here on our website.  Our super friendly team all know the stock inside out so please do not hesitate to ask for our expert input.

We stock many different fits and washes of jeans (and trousers!) for everyday and dressing up and yes the 'magic' fit for you is in there!  Along with pretty tops, gorgeous cashmere and fun accessories, the eclectic mix is much admired by our valued clients. 

The brands I choose are a little bit different; 'elegant with an edge' we like to call them, to set you apart but not in a dramatic or self-conscious way - unless of course that is what you are looking for!  I always like to bring in at least a few new brands every season to keep the shop looking fresh and interesting but we always make sure to stock certain staples that you also can't live without.  

This website is an extension of our concept. We include as much information as possible - such as recommendations to size up or down when necessary, the feel of the fabric etc - so that when you receive your gorgeous clothing it will be what you expected.  We are on the other end of the phone during our normal shopping hours at any time and for any query.  

If you would like to make an appointment with me in the shop at no extra charge, please do, it is my favourite pass time to find people clothes that fit and flatter!  We want people to find their own style and confidence here at JAX Jeans.

I really hope you love the selection as much as we all do - do let us know what you think  In the meantime enjoy browsing the site and we look forward to welcoming you to JAX Jeans soon!

- If you need any help browsing the site or you would like to make an appointment with Jax at our shop, please email or call us on01488 682563 and she will be delighted to arrange a convenient time to help you put together the perfect outfit, at no extra charge.